Why did I create this site?

When we hire non-immigrant guest workers for our best paying jobs, we deny our own citizens the opportunity to work in those jobs
When we allow these companies to discriminate against Americans in America and not hire our citizens, how is this benefitting America or its citizens?
When we allow our government agencies at the city, county, state, and federal level to use our tax money we paid in to hire non-citizens, how is this benefitting America or its citizens?

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I've spent a lot of time researching the H-1B data as I wanted to understand why I can no longer get hired
If we search the FY 2020 H-1B data for Texas Workforce Commission, we find the following two sets of data
Data 1
Data 2
In the Data 1 file we will not see Abacus Technical Service
In the Data 2 file we will find one Systems Analyst II H-1B Application
If we search the Payee column for Abacus we find the following
25 Checks For Abacus from TWC
So far, so good
But if we search SpendingYourMoney for any of the other firms listed as having H-1B applications for Texas Workforce Commission in Data 1 or Data 2, we find none
This is my attempt to zero in on which state agencies are hiring non-immigrant guest workers on H-1B visas instead of equally qualfied American Citizens
After all, it is your money they are spending, isn't it?
And don't you think they should hire only Americans to work in America when spending your money?

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